Build a DEI-first
feedback culture
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top of mind anonymous feedback
Give each employee the confidence to voice their diverse thoughts.
direct line to hr for sensitive topics
Make each voice carry equal weight with anonymous aliases.
increase questions and engagement for live meetings
Create a psychologically safe environment where your team can feel welcomed.

Level the playing field

with anonymous aliases
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Give your team the confidence to voice their honest thoughts
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Every opinion is equally valued. Reduce bias and increase inclusion

Design custom
feedback flows

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Give your team the option to submit feedback to specific leadership teams
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Create custom flows for HR, DEI, and executive feedback
Custom feedback flows for DEI
Increase engagement with DEI feedback

Increase participation & engagement

with public feedback channels
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Share DEI feedback privately with leadership or in a moderated public channel
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Bounce ideas off one another to increase diversity and inclusivity

Check-in with your team

with pulse surveys
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Launch pulse surveys to evaluate DEI initiatives
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Dive deeper with two-way anonymous conversations
Increase engagement with DEI feedback
Take your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
to the next level
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