Here are some ideas to get you started!

What's your objective?
πŸ“ˆ Grow faster πŸš€
"If you get growth, everything else tends to fall into place. Which means you can use growth like a compass to make almost every decision you face." - Paul Graham
Here are some ideas to help you grow faster.
Find opportunities
Ask "What else can we do to reach our growth goals?"
You may be surprised by the answers as each team member has a unique perspective on your product, clients, and company.
Find roadblocks
Ask "What are the major roadblocks slowing our growth?"
Your team may be willing to share roadblocks anonymously they wouldn't share directly with their manager or leadership teams.
Democratic decisions
Make better company, product, process decisions by including your team in the process.
Run polls to get feedback on potential change. Your team will be happier when they have the chance to give their input.
Growth questions
Ask "If you could wave a magic wand to change one thing, what would it be, and why?"
This stretches your team's imagination to point to large issues or desires that may not usually be mentioned.
😬 Boost team morale 😁
Employee morale is the overall satisfaction, outlook, and feeling of well-being that an employee holds in the workplace. It's a key metric for leadership as it directly affects productivity and turnover. To improve morale, you first need to measure it.
High morale helps you: Attract top-tier talent, Reduce turnover, Increase the quality of work, Increase productivity & efficiency, Get through periods of crisis.
Here are some ideas to track and increase morale.
Team NPS
Run a poll to measure your team's NPS on a regular basis.
"How likely are you to recommend your employer to others as a place of work?" [1-10]
Colleague appreciation
Ask your team to nominate a colleague then give out rewards.
Who is: always going the extra mile, the culture champion, the most improved, etc.
Simply ask
"What is the #1 way we could improve company culture?"
Think in-depth about the answers, propose changes, and then vote on the proposals.
Specific Questions/Polls
Ask specific questions/polls to gauge specific morale.
"How are you liking working from home?", "Do you feel your workload is manageable?", "Do you feel supported by your team?"
πŸ“ Enhance leadership 🀝
The leadership team is vitally important to the success of a startup. Many startups fail due to interpersonal issues within the leadership team or because the team loses trust in leadership.
Four ways to improve your leadership team:
Look more
You may be too busy in the day-to-day to focus inward, limiting your growth as a leader.
When you are reading feedback from your team look inward and understand your role and effect as a leader.
Ask more
Great leaders look actively at their leadership style and are aware that they can adapt it to change their results.
To adapt and improve they ask for feedback, they don't shy away from it.
Listen more
A leader’s reaction to feedback is the prime variable in whether or not they continue to receive feedback.
Listen with intent, make changes when necessary, and then respond to show you understand.
Interpret more
It’s always important to consider the context. Keep in mind the distorting effect of your role and also your own inner wisdom.
Feedback is not an instruction to change.