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Eliminate awkward silences, let your team ask honest questions in a public feedback channel.
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Anonymous public feedback Slack channel
How it works
Submit questions publicly
Submit questions publicly
Submit anonymous questions into a public Slack channel.
drive participation and spark curiosity
Drive participation
Spark curiosity and engagement by letting your team view & respond publicly.
have better discussions
Have better discussions
Voting helps to prioritize hot topics to discuss in the meeting.

Unmute your audience

with anonymous aliases
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Submit questions with an alias to overcome the intimidation of speaking in front of everyone
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Get honesty from your team when it matters most

Catch off-topic messages before they're public

with leadership moderation
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Leadership can approve/deny messages before they're sent into the public feedback channel
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Reply privately to the alias when discretion is needed
Admin moderation for public feedback
Admin approval flow

Spark curiosity and drive participation

with anonymous conversations & voting
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Bounce ideas off one another to increase diversity of thought and inclusivity
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Upvotes help leadership to prepare and prioritize answers

Collect feedback on your townhalls

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Send a quick pulse survey after the call to assess what your team liked & disliked.
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Reply to feedback and let your team know you're listening
collect feedback on townhall calls
Upgrade your feedback culture
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