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Anonymous feedback and polls for leadership
Anonymous poll on Slack. Get Feedback using Incognito for Slack
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Send an anonymous poll on slack, or gather anonymous feedback from your team using Incognito for Slack.
An anonymous feedback space where your team already works
Encourage open and honest feedback
Empower your team by valuing their input
Spotlight common issues quickly
Enable the voices of passive employees
Level the playing field for all team members
Reward the most helpful users anonymously
Use Cases
Founder AMA / Townhall
Collect anonymous questions the team really wants to ask for upcoming AMAs, company events, or townhalls.
Colleague appreciation
Allow your team to highlight each other's achievements for visibility and appropriate recognition.
Anytime feedback
Gather top-of-mind thoughts, questions, and suggestions from your team on an ongoing basis to monitor company morale.
Specific question & response
Ask your team important open-ended or poll questions to get their honest responses without the influence of office politics.
Our team picked it up quickly, we received 35 questions for our founder townhall in the first week! Getting anonymous feedback in a tool we use daily makes it very convenient.
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Fabrice Haiat
CEO & Founder
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Anonymous poll on Slack. Get Feedback using Incognito for Slack
Your team can use this command to submit anonymous feedback into a private channel.
🔒 Admins Only
Send an anonymous poll on Slack, in any channel you choose.
🔒 Admins Only
Display the number of users and submissions including feedback ranking.
🔒 Admins Only
Receive all feedback data in a file via Slack (no real names, of course).
🔒 Admins Only
Send a thanks or reward to the anonymous user that submitted the most helpful feedback.
⚡ Shortcut: Intro Incognito for Slack
Posts an intro message to your team in any channel you choose
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per user
  • 💬 Unlimited feedback submissions
  • 📋 Unlimited polls and poll submissions
  • 🔐 Unlimited admin users
  • 👤 Automatic alias creation
  • 💾 Unlimited data exports
  • 📊 Automatic feedback stats
  • ✉️ Anonymously DM the most helpful user
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